HKCORE Offers Comprehensive Auditing Solutions

HKCORE, a leading business solutions provider in East Asia, strengthens their already comprehensive set of auditing solutions. The goal of these services is to help clients simplify their financial frameworks and promote transparency.

[HONG KONG, 7/01/2014]—HKCORE, a leading business solutions provider in East Asia with services ranging from company registration to banking services, strengthens their already comprehensive set of auditing solutions. This is part of the company’s pledge to help businesses strengthen their financial framework while streamlining it.

Annual Auditing and Financial Statement Preparation

HKCORE delegates a team of certified public accountants to handle and prepare different business audits, which are required by the Inland Revenue department. Moreover, the reports are turned over to shareholders for decision-making purposes. Among the documents HKCORE CPAs specialise in include balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements.

Stock Auditing for Annual Financial Statements

Part of the company’s audit arrangement solutions is to check stock movements and confirm year-end stock-end balance for editing use. HKCORE provides a computerized general ledger, trail balance, and other financial statements for clients who do their accounting manually.

Company Valuation and Due Diligent Audit Arrangement

HKCORE assists clients with simplifying the arrangement of non-statutory accounting services, which are important in the aspects of company valuation and due diligent review. The service, according to HKCORE, helps decision-makers identify problems and under performing aspects of the business.

Internal Auditing and Operational Review

HKCORE knows that extensive internal auditing is of prime importance in every business, as efficient internal regulation promotes corporate values and does away with needless risks. With regard to this, the company delegates a team of auditors to perform thorough checks in financial frameworks and offers advice to solve any problems spotted.


HKCORE is one of the leading companies in East Asia providing an array of business solutions, from company registration to banking services. Their business registration services cover companies with jurisdictions in Hong Kong and over than 20 other tax-free offshore countries and territories, which include the Cayman Islands, the British Virgin Islands, Samoa, Belize, Mauritius, Panama, and Cyprus. HKCORE also offers accounting, auditing, and trade support solutions. The company employs a team of experienced and professional business consultants, legal counsels, and accountants that can accommodate different client specifications and requests.

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