RMS says goodbye to Principal Mowry

As the 2015-2016 school year is winding down the Riverton Middle School is gearing up to say goodbye to their principal of 15 years, Cheryl Mowry. Cheryl will be passing the principal torch on to Brant Nyberg who is the current Vice Principal of the Middle School.
Cheryl has worked in the school district for 22 years, and this is her 15th year as principle. Thousands of students and hundreds of staff have been under her care, and her impact is immeasurable. She will be missed by many in the community.
Tuesday evening she opened her home to staff and family for an end of the year BBQ. Staff members were able to socialize, play games and say a few farewells to the boss and, for some the only, principal they have worked under. There was a lot of laughter and hugs that evening.
Good luck in Casper, Mrs. Mowry, and thank you for your years of service!