How To Be Happy No Matter What With Guest Cindy Teevens

In this episode of Ask Dr. Love radio, Dr. Jamie Turndorf (aka Dr. Love) talks with Cindy Teevens about how she achieved lasting peace, joy and happiness following the violent suicide of her father.

In this episode of Ask Dr. Love Radio, Dr. Jamie Turndorf (aka Dr. Love) talks about the dangers of basing our happiness on the world around us.

For most people, happiness is sought without. Therefore, our moods take a nosedive when life around us isn’t going perfectly--when someone says or does something hurtful to us, when we experience conflict with our life partners or when we are without a partner.

In this week’s show, Dr. Turndorf speaks with Cindy Teevens who discovered the way to stay happy no matter what goes on around her. Six years after the violent suicide of her father, in one moment her own intense suffering was swapped for amazing joy, altering her life permanently. Happiness and peace became her predominant states.  Laughter exploded at the simplicity and power of it, and tears of gratitude flowed.   Understandings began to come about how we have been living backwards, how we have mistaken the outside for the inside, and how we have tethered ourselves to the uncontrollable winds of change in the  midst of freedom—and how we can return to truth, sanity, and peace.

Tune in to discover discover the specific beliefs that are punching “holes” in one’s happiness!

And discover how to stop singing the blues using Teevens blueprint to  create radical inner peace and happiness no matter what’s going on in the outside world!

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