Monster Changes about black desert

The number of   Black Desert Silver  Dungeon has been increased.

The number of Drunk Treasure Hunter in Kuit Islands has been decreased dramatically.

The cool down for the Weekly Boss Muskahns jump attack has been decreased.

Frozen monster can now take damage.

The quest boss Biraghi will now use fewer jump attacks.

Added Alert animation for monsters in Kuit Islands and Helm Tribe Dungeon.

Deck Combatant’s level has been changed from 54 to 53.

The number of Helm Predatory in Helm Tribe’s dungeon has been increased.

Black Harpy Elite’s level has been changed from 36 to 35.

The Damage for monsters in Biraghi Den has been decreased.

The Damage for Red Orc Wizard has been decreased.

Red Orc Elite’s level has been changed from 33 to 32

World & Field Boss will spawn faster than before.

Increased the number of Weasel, Fox and Wolf in Eastern of Olvia.

Dastard Bheg will no longer continuously react to Matchlock attacks.

Interface Changes

Updated the Worker Window

When talking with NPC, button size will be changed according to the number of characters.

Color Blind Mode is added to game settings for Ally and Enemy character identification.

(Followings will be changed when it is set)

Monsters in Minimap

New notice text for