Jay Peak Resort Names Operations Director

May 31, 2016 (Jay, VT)- Jay Peak Resort today announced that Walter Elander will be its Director of Mountain Operations. Elander, who previously ran the resort’s Planning and Development Department, will maintain those responsibilities while also assuming oversight of such mountain functions as lift maintenance, the ski and ride school, grooming, snowmaking, and ski patrol.

“My ultimate goal is to improve the communication between core operating departments,” said Elander. “This mountain has a great history of strong mountain operations departments managed by a group of veteran professionals. I want to build on those strengths and simplify a lot of the processes.” 

While commonplace at most outdoor resorts, the Director of Mountain Operations is a new position at Jay Peak. Previously, the operational department heads were semi-autonomous meeting with each other on a weekly basis to discuss plans and needs. But in a place that receives the most snow in the eastern United States, new General Manager Steve Wright thought it was time to consolidate efforts. 

“Walter has a wealth of (mountain) operations knowledge,” said Wright. “I know his input and oversight will be key in continuing to build and expand the communication framework that was already in place to ensure information doesn’t get compartmentalized. Things run the most efficiently when everyone has the same information.”