Good Clean Fundraising Has Come Up With Highly Effective Concept Of Schools Fundraising With Laundry Detergent Fundraiser


Fredericksburg, VA (March 23, 2014) - Good Clean Fundraising has come up with a unique concept of fund raising for the athletes for the schools. Fredericksburg VA Company, has involved unique initiative for engaging the liquid laundry detergent selling entities to the fundraising process.  Reports have confirmed that selling an indispensible house hold items have made it easier to raise the funds from instead of candy or cookies. This has been created to be a huge support for the community.

The Wonderful portfolio of the fundraising company has really found to be is inspiration for all.  As per a proficient report, a school in Ohio had successfully sold out 2600 units of the laundry detergent and amazingly accumulated the profit of $26,000. Good Clean Fundraising has come up with an excellent concept of a Fundraiser, which is made to create conscious sensibility. The Laundry Detergent Fundraiser has been identified as a winner. This all new selling concept of indispensible items has been identified instead of candy & cookie dough, which has been resulted in the funding process of schools finding programs. Resulting to this amazing initiative, needy schools are supposed to get much more through this noble initiative.

The positive effort of the amazing company has been appreciated by many. In a video released by the Good Clean Fundraising has recently come up with an incredible video, where George Willingham, the High School Music Director narrates their enriching experience working with the amazing company. According to him, "We got better participation from the parents and the kids, and more support from the community, and the sales were through the roof."

The Good Clean Fundraising offers tailor made options of printing and distributing the brand image of the companies to facilitate the process.  Added to that, the company has introduced all new platforms to highlight it in a larger scale. This has supported the campaign of laundry detergent fundraising initiative to a greater and broader scale. This initiative has been benefited by a significant profit margin, which has contributed a large portion to the campaign. The detergents have been found to be delivered to the companies directly for further distribution.

President of the company, Chantel Wilt specifies that "The program’s success is largely based upon our different approach toward fundraising.  Laundry detergent is a product that every household already purchases.  When buying laundry detergent through the fundraiser, they are getting a similar product to the name brands at a fraction of the cost and supporting the organization at the same time."

Taking about the performance of this organization, Ken Chase, the director of High School Athletic comments, “We were looking for something different than the usual car wash and bake sales. Good Clean Fundraising provided an easy program which helped us raise $16,000 in three weeks". To know more about laundry detergent fundraising, contact Good Clean Fundraising at (800-680-3775) or by email

Good Clean Fundraising has brought in a new Fundraiser concept. This is a sensible concept of gathering money through selling Laundry Detergent. For more information about this laundry detergent fundraising program please visit

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