SLM - Facility Solutions Nationwide Joining Forces with Bowman & Back Partnership for National Sales Strategy

Green Lane, Pennsylvania August 19, 2014 -- SLM - Facility Solutions Nationwide announced today it is joining forces with the sales group Bowman & Back, as part of the company’s national sales strategy.

SLM - Facility Solutions Nationwide is a facility management company providing service solutions in the fields of waste and recycling, grease trap cleaning and repair, plumbing, fryer oil removal, kitchen exhaust cleaning, infectious, sharps and hazardous waste removal and pick up, power-washing, composting, and sustainability.

The Bowman & Back Partnership is renowned for their ability to communicate with a dedicated network of referral partners across North America, offering further sales potential to SLM’s rapidly growing client-base.

Leading the operation are SLM National Sales Representatives Tim Bowman and Kent Back.

“In providing capital recovery services nationwide, I am excited to team with SLM to introduce their services to my network of trusted partners, clients, and other business relationships,” said Tim Bowman, Partner of Bowman & Back.

“In today’s economy, saving money and improving efficiencies in your business is crucial, which is why it is a ‘no brainer’ to team with SLM to provide this expense reduction service,” said Kent Back, Partner of Bowman & Back.

Susan Daywitt, CEO of SLM - Facility Solutions Nationwide, introduced the joint effort with Bowman & Back and praised the company’s leadership in the field of Waste Stream Management.

“Tim and Kent are seasoned professionals who understand the trash, grease trap, fryer oil, kitchen exhaust, infectious and hazardous waste, along with sharps programs that SLM offers to its clients throughout the United States and Canada,” said Daywitt. “It is their personal mission to help lower customer operating costs to increase client profitability. They know their clients will receive no less than between 15 percent to 40 percent annual reductions on all services and have already proved that time and again. This team from Alabama is known for their waste stream optimization of services; they understand cost analysis and containment strategies; they guarantee to minimize client costs and improve processes for any client and are some of the most honest people on the planet. I am so happy to have them on the SLM team.”

SLM - Facility Solutions Nationwide is the chosen management provider for many businesses, retail companies, and high-profile restaurants, with more than 15,000 clients throughout North America. Headquartered in the Philadelphia suburbs in Green Lane, Pennsylvania, SLM has more than 12,000 partners in its nationwide preferred vendor program. Additional information is available at

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