Wexford University Offers The Updated Version Of Online BS Degree In Health And Fitness


Rancho Santa Margarita, CA (April 29, 2014) – The expanded and updated version of Bachelor degree in Health and Fitness, Introduced by the reputed Wexford University, is found to be in highly effective for a sound fitness career. This online health and fitness degree is going to work as a catalyst in the career path of health coaches and fitness trainers.

The BS in Health and Fitness is an online health fitness degree, which is focused on offering comprehensive knowledge on sciences, which are presently applied in the specific fields of exercise psychology, nutrition, advanced program design, sports psychology, bio-mechanics and many more.  The completion of this bachelors degree in fitness, would offer the capability of identifying the conditions of chronic disease states, special populations, hypo kinetic illness and many more to the students. This course is also found to be beneficial in developing the critical thinking and analytical ability of the students.

This is a 100% internet based health coach training program, which is expanded and updated provide the best in class knowledge and real-world application facilities to ensure a rewarding career of the students. This course includes a line of important chapters like, advanced Nutrition, Advanced Anatomy and Kinesiology of the Lower Extremities, Advanced Anatomy and Kinesiology of the Core, Advanced Anatomy and Kinesiology of the Upper Extremities, Performance Nutrition and Supplementation, Concepts in Group Exercise, Applied Biomechanics, Ethics and Sport Management, Concepts in Strength Training, Concepts in Cardiovascular Training etc. This course also guides the students on important subjects, starting from, General Chemistry, Introduction to Biochemistry, Research Methods in Exercise Science, to Sport Psychology, Biomechanics, Introduction to Technical Writing, Sport and American Society and many more.

The advanced format of the course is found to be extremely effective, by many of the existing and inspiring students. Peter has recently completed his online fitness degree program, with the online health and fitness bachelors’ degree. He says, “I loved every bit of the online degree program. I have learned a lot, during the span of the course. By dream of becoming a health expert, seems to be nearing my life. I have made my mind of opting for the higher level of the course. I have asked many of my friends to join this amazing program as well. Some of them have already enrolled to the program and thanked me for the great suggesting, I will always be grateful to the university for the amazing course.”

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