Kaftan representing Simple but elegant fashion style

Of all fashion dresses, no doubt that these beautiful kaftans are a stylish and necessary part of a modern day.

Kaftan is the most preferred simple garmenting clothing apparel with the plain, striped, decorated, embroidered, or most prolific fit for Islamic culture, for both women and men.  

A kaftan is an front buttoned coat or overdress, robe or old European folded tunic that reaches till your ankles and often comes in long sleeves. The long flowing kaftan dresses can be seen in variants of many types of fabric of fabric influenced by the origin as well as culture, that is worn by enormous people of different culture. It is made up of silk, wool, cotton or cashmere that worn with a sash.

Since, 1960’s, when hippie movement was popularized, these kaftan dresses have fallen off western pop culture. The first colorful kaftan appeared in around 14th century. The most elegant and glamour’s kaftan dresses were usually worn in royal courts, ottoman empire. Most of the fabrics for kaftans were originally source from Persia, however in recent times; its transcendence fabrics imported from Venice, India and China.

It is very important to choose right type of kaftan, as many available variants like long kaftan, short kaftan, beach kaftan, day dresses, Moroccan kaftan that heavily beaded and ornate for special occasions. Very common and good type of fabric is cotton.  but in the case of satin or chiffon, this looks very classy and sophisticated

In the western, kaftan come up with a large, rectangular piece of fabric, folded with a neck hole in the center, and stitching up in the sides, expensive embellishment, bold prints, leaving room for arms, necklines can be squared, rounded, or v- neck, neckline features ornate decorated or embroidered edging, it can be button fronted, waist belted or drawstring layers such as georgette or chiffon.

With this fabric variation, you can easily wear this dresses and has feedback of being highly comfortable and stylish appearance.

Today, kaftan in a big way, features a flattering style and cute print that will surely get you noticed and sizzling up at 2012 spring fashion week and having a moment that offering a women effortless comfort, modesty, and glamour.