Free Converting Announces MPEG to 3GP Converter

Free Converting has launched the MPEG to 3GP Converter so that users can carry out the important file conversions themselves.

MPEG files are definitely popular and their quality is well known as well. However one has to understand that there are many mobile phone companies that prefer 3GP files for videos. The latter also has another major advantage; these files take lesser disk space, which means users can save more video files onto their systems.

MPEG to 3GP Converter ensures that MPEG files can be converted into the latter format, which is also handy for viewing on mobile devices. The converter is free, which is its first advantage because users have the option of trying it out without any damage done. It downloads quickly and doesn’t take a lot of space on people’s systems too.

The converter is very simple to use and novices who have no experience in file conversions whatsoever can get a hang of it at the earliest. Once users have understood how to convert files they can simply do that by pressing the Convert button. The files are converted in double quick time so that users can handle other important responsibilities they might have.

This converter is known to offer batch conversion option to users. That means people can convert a certain number of files at the same time. It makes file conversions more efficient. To offer them flexibility, the converter has several options where users can opt for bit rate, resolution, audio quality etc based on their requirements.

About MPEG to 3GP Converter

MPEG to 3GP Converter is an easy to use converter that has been designed to convert MPEG files into 3GP format.

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