Career After Multi-platform CAD/CAM/CAE

The primary reasons for this trend are :

(1) Rapid shift from manual designing and production system towards using of CAD/CAM/CAE equipment. Even many companies are recruiting candidates with CAD/CAM/CAE knowledge as an essential qualification.

(2) So knowledge of CAD/CAM/CAE system will be an added weapon for students seeking admission to post graduate M.S. courses and jobs abroad.

(3) These CAD/CAM/CAE systems shall prove to be an excellent tool for industries, research setup for Professors and aspiring students.

So which are the industries that need more skilled man power and and what for these segments skill sets are available. Some of these segments are:

Tool Room

Process M/C

M/C Tool



Auto Ancillaries


Designing involves development of shape and dimensions of a component. The first step in CAD is geometric modeling. After creating geometric model using different techniques,this can be altered easily in geometry and configuration to produce a satisfactory shape. The next step is deciding exact dimensions. The outputs of geometric modeling is used by CAM in the preparation of NC tapes for the component.


This is the most important function of CAD . Engineering analysis basically involves deciding the exact dimensions of the component. CAD provides sophisticated methods like the finite element technique. Unsatisfactory design may require several repetition of the whole process. The computer is advantage over human in its capabilities of rapid retrieval of information , numerical processing and repeating a process without exhaustion.


Simulation, in the CAD/CAM context, means replicating on the video screen a replica of the actual physical situation the designed component is likely to be in. for instance, an airplane subjected to wind loads. Computer simulation gets rid of the limitations of conventional methods. It involves the testing of a graphic model whose size and shape can be varied at will. Computer simulation does not completely do away with prototype testing. After determining a near perfect shape using simulation, it can later be tested with a prototype under test conditions.


Its drawing of the components in logical steps ; the drawing being dispensable for the production of the component. The components designed by engineering analysis, all complex layouts and assemblies can be created interactively and plotted in a fraction of the normal time. Automated drafting yields enormous productivity gains in terms of time, labor and expenses.


This is the latest development in CAD. An Expert system has an “ intelligent data-base” called knowledge base and reasoning logic. It may contain,e.g. the details of the breakdowns that occurred in the industry. Later the user has only to feed in the conditions under which a breakdown occurred. The expert system discovers the reason for the breakdown. This is only one application of expert systems. Expert systems are used as logic support systems wherever decision making under multiple constraints is involved.

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