Trusted Real Hair Wigs Retailer Yaffa Wigs Spotlights Shorter Styles for Upcoming Spring Season

Brooklyn, New York, March 20, 2014 -- Retailer and designer Yaffa Wigs, a leader in New York’s fashion and accessories industry, is encouraging shoppers to explore new real hair wigs for the upcoming season. A wide selection of styles is available now from the company’s comprehensive online store. For those in search of a truly unique look this spring, Yaffa Wigs can create custom wigs as well.

“Spring is a gorgeous time of year, and we want every customer to look great at this time of year. We’re always ready to help answer any questions or provide assistance where it’s needed,” said Leah Schwartzberg, CEO of Yaffa Wigs.

Many of the shorter European hair wigs from Yaffa Wigs are a perfect complement to warmer weather and brighter fashions. The Candy Short is one of the bestselling real hair wigs in the Yaffa Wigs collection, especially well-suited for the new season. A variation of the classic Candy style, the Candy Short is a fun and easily modified short wig that can easily provide everyday elegance as well as glamour for special occasions. Yaffa Wigs stocks the Candy Short in multiple color options, so customers can choose the style that best matches their own features. The Candy Short is an affordable real hair wig at just $1,250, a price backed by the stellar customer service Yaffa Wigs offers to every buyer.

The Wedge is another of Yaffa Wigs’ most popular options for the upcoming season, offering the wearer a striking, contemporary style. Also available in a wide range of colors, the Wedge is designed to be appealing from any viewing angle. Yaffa Wigs has this real hair wig available for only $1,550. Yaffa Wigs also offers a comprehensive array of cosmetic services including wig styling.

To learn more about available items from Yaffa Wigs’ updated inventory, visit the retailer online at or call 718-436-4280. Yaffa Wigs is also active on Facebook at and on Twitter at