Reporter conclude the main technical features of the security USB cameras from JSurveillance

China - With the increasing of people¡¯s security awareness, the development of the industry for security equipments such as USB camera has become more and more popular. Recently, the reporter has interviewed the manager of the famous USB Cameras manufacturer to get more information about these daily used security device and system.

The manager from said:¡± Among innumerable security equipments, the USB Cameras should be the most popular one which has been applied into every corner of people¡¯s life such as street security system and the super market security system.¡±

After the carefully checking for their newly product USB cameras, the reporter has found that this security electrical device could be ran by the JSurveillance software which could achieve the simple connection with computer even the smart phone. The total cost of this device and system is very low. Furthermore, the reporter has also concluded the technical features of the USB cameras from

Technical Features

First, the USB camera could be directly connected with the computer via the single USB cable. It could be applied with the desktop and notebook computers or even the smart phone and.

Second, their USB cameras use the professional video surveillance software which name is JSurveillance software to monitor the environment situation and each computer can support with four USB cameras.

Thirdly, there is also the professional configuration which is the JSurveillance software specialized surveillance software which could help people get video and play back. It could also help people achieve the remote monitoring by network and the mobile remote monitoring function after a simple setup. That should be the good function for the bust businessmen.

Fourth, it could plus the USB amplifier and the enough USB extension cable which could help users achieve the meters transmission distance of the USB cable. It is already enough for the normal family and shop.

Fifth, the USB cameras from have 30 million pixels which could help the video beyond the 1/3CCD480 resolution. That is indeed the real high-definition picture quality.

Furthermore, the USB cameras system and software could be support for Windows 2003 server, 2008server, XP and the normal WIN 7 operating system so that this system could be promoted widely in people¡¯s daily life. This USB camera could be applied into the areas such as shops, chain shop, branch network, small supermarket, houses, villas, apartments, office, small companies, small warehouse, financial room and other places. That should be the most convenient security device in people¡¯s daily life.

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