Psychobilly Music-Illustrated Major Arcana Tarot Deck

A psychobilly-inspired deck of Tarot Cards and supporting line of clothing? This exciting idea is close to becoming a reality, as W. Kurt Wenz is running a Kickstarter campaign in order to create a Major Arcana Tarot Deck of 22 trump cards and 4 aces, featuring original illustrations to fans of both Tarot Decks and Psychobilly music, which is sure to arouse the interest of fans of Tarot Decks and Psychobilly music alike.

When it comes to underground Americana, two areas that are a favorite of a great many people are psychobilly, with its surrounding music, style and lifestyle; and the Tarot, a deck of cards used for divi-nation at psychic fairs and among cartomancers (card fortune tellers) and tarot enthusiasts nation-wide.

What happens when the two are combined? That's exactly what a new brand, Psychobilly Tarot is ex-ploring. Recently, the company announced they've turned to Kickstarter to bring their major Arcana and aces deck to market, and early supporters couldn't be more excited.

"This is a project we feel completely passionate about," commented W. Kurt Wenz, CEO of WKWenz Enterprises, the publisher of Psychobilly Tarot. "It's an awesome mix. Psychobilly is sped up rockabilly and country music often with horror and science fiction references and symbology, and a distinct look and feel with pompadours, tattoos and hot rods. People mix this with the theme of each Tarot card and the results are absolutely amazing."

Michael Hallberg (of Humanthing Media Arts Lab) is the illustrator for the Psychobilly Tarot deck. Thir-teen card illustrations have been completed to date and market research has been very positive. The level of response indicates that the Psychobilly Tarot decks will sell out quickly and become collector's items.

The project has set a goal of $4000 and is ends on May 16, 2015. Backers of the Psychobilly Tarot Deck project will receive a variety of rewards, ranging from a Psychobilly Tarot Deck to digital art and exclusive artwork signed by the artist.

About Major Arcana Tarot Decks
A Major Arcana Tarot Deck (as opposed to a full deck which also includes the Minor Arcana) is a set of 22 "trump cards" used for divination. Each of the cards has a name: The Magician, The High Priest-ess, etc. This deck also includes the Aces from each suit of Minor Arcana cards for a total of 26 cards.

About Psychobilly Tarot
The Psychobilly Tarot line was founded by W. Kurt Wenz in 2014, in order to fuse Tarot and psy-chobilly. The link to the Kickstarter is

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