Michael Wildes ESQ’s achievements are enough to make a difference!

One of the successful immigration lawyers of the United States, Michael Wildes ESQ is known as a stalwart in the field of immigration law. He has achieved; what others dream of."

Due to some or the other constraints by the authorities; many artists, designers, sports personalities, international models and others are among those, who have faced the wrath of the authorities. They were on the verge of deportation or prepared to face charges but Michael Wildes stood by their side and became a ‘messiah’ for them.

Michael Wildes has done a lot to secure asylum for the celebrities. There are number of celebrities from beauty pageants to sports, who are able to secure their position because of Michael Wildes. Under the O visa, which allows athletes to stay in the United States for temporary period has helped Pele to associate himself with a Football club of New York. Pele was all praise for Michael Wildes as he has helped him to secure 0-visa.

On a good note, Pele took Michael Wildes on a world tour so that he is able to get a sponsor for his club. In recent news, China US Daily Mail was applauding Michael Wildes because of his flawless service to our great nation.     

Michael Wildes is able to serve people in other ways as well .He has served as a Mayor of Englewood, New Jersey and he has served as an Auxiliary Police Officer for ten years from 1982 to 1992.  There are many instances, where he is involved for raising funds for the needy ones. He is involved in many philanthropic activities and is an active member of non-profit foundations, which help in raising money for the poor and needy ones.  

515 Madison Avenue
6th Floor
New York
(212) 753-3468