some of them are:

Characteristics and Behaviors:

This language can be followed in authority works like representatives class, having a portion of the qualities called as information part and a portion of the conduct called as strategies. A portion of the assignments that ought to be finished by utilizing this like Public Class and compensations get multiplied of private representatives, assignments of private class lastly the computation of pay rates regarding parts and assignments.

Exemplification and Abstraction:

Different classes of VB. Net uses the ideas of reflections and exemplification. Demonstrating a portion of the fundamental elements of the outside system connects the ideas of Abstraction. This outlines the working module of your source code to another world that what really goes inside in your workplace, and what is the significance of programming in your work.

Legacy and Polymorphism: is likewise accessible for actualizing a legacy class, the advantage is that the lower class like the amateur class can acquire its working quality with upper or master class. Polymorphism remains for one name having numerous roots, VB.NET additionally bolsters polymorphism, and executing this class implies over-burdening of capacities.

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