Growth Enrichment Center Announces 15% Discount On Elixir Gold In April


Skin care products, with the goodness of gold are found to be extremely useful for the benefits of skin. However, the products with real gold extracts are found to be highly expensive. Growth Enrichment Center, a popular online retailer on Amazon, has rightly understood the market demand and presented Elixir 24 k Gold serum with huge discounts, during the month of April.

This is a specially manufactured skin are serum, which not only have the anti aging benefits, but also have the special effects of high quality antioxidants. The regular use of this serum ensures brighter skin resilient and healthier skin. Customers have reported to get rid of the annoying effects of wrinkles, dryness and many other effects from skin. The pure gold extracts used in this serum, rejuvenates and revitalizes the skin and improves the overall skin texture.

This serum is also highly effective to fight against dehydrated and flaking skin types. The hyaluronic acid used in the serum works to repair the fine lines and crow’s feet. This serum is highly appreciated by the regular users for delivering the fresh and supple effects on the skin. Several users have reported to have desired skin quality, after using this serum, on a regular basis. According to a marketing manager of this company, “Elixir Gold is one of the most popular products of our company. This serum has helped many of our customers to overcome the unwanted skin problems and assisted to have a healthy and nourishing skin.”

Apart from being extremely useful, the skin rejuvenating formula, Elixir Gold is also popular among the buyers for being pocket friendly. The company has announced a special 15% price cut on the pure gold extract serum. The serum was originally rated at $149.99. The company is offering a free shipping facility along with the serum.

Customers are found to be really happy with the great serum. Rachel has been using this gold extract serum from a long time. She says, “I love the rehydrating effects on my skin, ever since I have started using this serum. This product is really useful, and offers real great benefits, unlike other expensive products. Besides that, this skin care formula is offered with incredible discounts. This product is really effect on offering glowing skin, irrespective of the skin type. I have got great compliments after recommending this product to others. I love this product.”

Growth Enrichment Center introduces high quality Elixir Gold. This product is loved by the users.
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