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United States, 16th June 2014 - First published in the year 1977, WholeFoods Magazine is a monthly trade journal on natural foods and with a total circulation of more than 16000 – this is also one of the leading magazines in this particular category. Being the experts they truly understand the market and gluten free products and also the exact requirements of shoppers buying these products and produces and publishes expert articles on these products and also other different types of natural food for the best help of their readers. They also regularly provide authentic information on emerging trends in list of gluten free foods along with news of research findings to best educate people about the requirements of gluten free diets and also the possible risk factors associated with them.

According to a number of researches gluten free food list is never only for those who are suffering from celiac disease, but as a matter of fact it can also be pretty helpful for a much larger pool of customers. Researches show that gluten might trigger head ache and migraine in certain individuals, may be associated with type 1 diabetes and autism and also with some digestive autoimmune diseases. But consumers should also keep in mind that gluten free diet can never automatically qualify for a healthier diet and if not properly handled can certainly result in nutritional deficiency for the body.

As per the WholeFoods Magazine – in gluten free diet, maintaining the balance of vitamins and minerals is a important factor that require proper attention and if this can be done gluten free products can actually make people feel healthier and more energetic. Gluten free food – which is mostly refined whole grains lack in important nutritional elements like vitamins like riboflavin, niacin and also minerals like iron calcium and zinc. If this can be accounted for gluten free food can certainly improve human health and can work wonders for celiac patients.

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