NVDIMM- A Computer Memory RAM DIMM that Retains Data Even After Power Loss

NVDIMM is a module integrated into the main memory of the computing platform, capable of performing the workload at dynamic random access memory (DRAM) speeds. This combines DRAM and NAND technologies, enabling data retention even when there is an unexpected power loss or system crash. The integration of these memory technologies allows NVDIMMs to achieve speed and endurance of DRAM along with the data retention characteristics of NAND flash memory. Thus, NVDIMMs are persistent memory modules with high speed and low latency. They improve performance in applications such as storage, cache, indexing, message queuing, logging, batch processing, on-line transactions, and redundant array of independent disks (RAID) applications that require higher throughput, while simultaneously offering fault-tolerant data integrity. The high performance of these devices is crucial to hyper-scale computing environments that are focused on cloud computing, big data analytics, low latency and high performance database applications. Thus, NVDIMMs are primarily aimed for huge in-memory computing tasks such as ultra-speed in-memory transactional database systems including those used in search engines and hyper-scale computing applications. Superior capabilities offered by NVDIMMs in terms of I/O performance, latency, and data security have fueled adoption of this technology, especially in data sensitive mission critical applications.

NVDIMM Technology and Its Details:

Global NVDIMM market was valued at US$ 3.3 mn in 2014 and is expected to reach US$1,316.3 mn by 2021, at a CAGR of 136.6% from 2015 to 2021. The global NVDIMM market is mainly driven by the benefits offered by NVDIMMs in terms of I/O performance, endurance, speed, latency, and data retention which has fueled their adoption in enterprise servers and storage products. NVDIMM is integrated into the main memory of the computing platform (server). It enables data retention even when the electric power is discontinued. These are used to improve system crash recovery time, enhance data security and the reliability and endurance of Solid State Drives (SSDs) among others. This combines of subsystem that integrates the data retention characteristics of the NAND flash memory along with the endurance and speed of DRAM. This integration makes NVDIMM a persistent memory module with low latency and very high speed.

Thanks to this high level of performance, the demand for NVDIMM is expected to soar exponentially in the coming years

Intense Competition and Revolutionary Products: Shape of Things to Come in NVDIMM Market

All of the above factors will provide a massive push to the global NVDIMM market, setting off a chain of innovative product launches. This also points toward an impending intensification of competitive rivalry in the global NVDIMM market. Moreover, products in smaller form factors will be in great demand. In the coming years, greater demand for failsafe memory solutions for enterprise applications and data centers will fuel the uptake of NVDIMMs.

The global NVDIMM market can be broadly segmented on the basis of application into high-end workstation, enterprise storage and servers, networking equipment, and others. The enterprise storage and servers segment stood as the largest in the market, holding over 70% of the global market. The next few years will see no major change in the current dominance of the enterprise storage and servers segment in the demand for NVDIMMs.

NVDIMM Global Market Information :

Use of NVDIMMs Projected to be Highest in Data Centers and Enterprise Storage

Similarly, the market can also be segmented using end-usage industry as a criteria into industrial and automotive, consumer electronics, defense and aerospace, medical electronics, data centers and enterprise storage, and others. Enterprise storage and data centers will be the leading demand drivers for the global NVDIMM market. According to analysts at TMR, “the mounting demand for reliable data storage and high performance even in the face of high volumes of data describe the needs of data centers and storage applications in a nutshell. NVDIMMs fit these needs perfectly.”

Against this backdrop, companies in the global NVDIMM market will find some of their largest customers in the data storage and enterprise application sectors. In 2014, North America was the leading regional market for NVDIMMs, with a share of over 70%. The United States being a fertile ground for innovation and investments for the development of NVDIMMs has a large part to play in the dominance of North America.