New Novel Series by International Award Winning Author, S.L. Morgan, wins 2014 Gold Global E-book Award

The new novel by international award winning author, S.L. Morgan has won the 2014 Gold Global E-book award. The Legacy of the Key is the first book of S.L. Morgan’s series, Ancient Guardians. The book won several awards including: the silver medal in Fiction / Supernatural, Reader’s Favorite 2014 Award Contest, 3 5-Star seals from Reader’s favorite reviewers, and a 2014 Gold Global e-book award for Fantasy/Other Worlds. The book also achieved #6 in the top 100 of ALL Amazon Kindle free downloads, #1 in Science Fiction/Fantasy and #1 in Fantasy in Amazon Kindle free downloads, becoming an Amazon best seller.

The second book in the series which is called The Uninvited is also being received well by readers and has so far received excellent reviews. The book has received a 5-star seal for Reader’s Favorite Book reviewers and has been nominated for a 2015 Global E-book award in Fantasy/Other Worlds.

Global E-book award for Fantasy/Other Worlds is normally won by books with incredible fictional stories and this shows the mad love that readers are having for S.L. Morgan’s fiction book. Both the books have great fantasy romance stories that take readers to the other worlds. The stories of the Ancient Guardians books are very interesting and captivating. Readers are kept reading from start to the end without wanting to stop. The awards that S.L. Morgan first book has won and the nomination of the second book are a clear indicator of the great work ahead of the author. To keep her readers entertained with more stories, she is already working on her third book which is also expected to perform excellently.

Many readers have bought the book on Amazon and appreciated the kind of creativity of the author in the new book series. Majority of them have expressed satisfaction for the fantasy stories and acknowledged that indeed it is an award winning book. They have said that Ancient Guardians is an interesting book with an incredible storyline that is described in a remarkable relationship setup. These are some of the quotes from the reviewers:

“Loved the way that ‘worlds’ were switched. Truly magical! And the icing on the cake? There is more to come, a trilogy altogether, as I understand it.” – Hosking Susan, UK.

“The writer manages to keep you engaged throughout by this new world that she describes. The characters are also so charming and at the end I was wishing for my very own Levi but Harrison is not too shabby either. Eagerly waiting the sequel…Have re-read it a few times.” – Eskibliss, UK.

S.L. Morgan is an international award winning author. She was born in California and currently lives in Texas with her husband and their three children. Every book she writes becomes an award winning book and her readers have always loved her work. She has written two novels of the Ancient Guardians and currently working on the third novel of the same series. The Legacy of the Key is her first book in her own novel series.

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