Wyoming Tourism Releases EBook on Cowboy Culture and Rodeo

CHEYENNE, Wyoming The Wyoming Office of Tourism (WOT) is excited to announce the release of a new eBook highlighting the state’s indelible cowboy heritage. The eBook titled, “A Guide to Rodeos in The Cowboy State,” illustrates Wyoming’s legacy as a cattle ranching state and showcases the cowboy culture that endures throughout the state. In addition, rodeo competitions and terms are defined for Wyoming visitors unfamiliar with the sport.

Available at, this eBook offers readers an inside look at Wyoming’s cowboy experiences, including the following sections:

·         Foreword by Gene Bryan, former Wyoming tourism director and long-time advocate for Team Wyoming

·         Grasslands, Cattle and Cowboys

·         Rodeo Terms and Competitions

·         Rodeo Events Throughout the Cowboy State

·         The Cowboy Experience and More 

“The guide educates visitors on what to expect when they visit Wyoming and experience the cowboy culture that is an intrinsic part of the state,” said Diane Shober, the executive director of the Wyoming Office of Tourism. “Our cowboy heritage is vast, just like the Wyoming landscape. Readers will see the culture come to life through imagery and storytelling further enticing visitors to experience the Cowboy State and take part in our heritage.” 

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