American Pure Vapor Launches Free Oil Program

Cape Coral, FL — The backlash against the tobacco industry has been growing for decades, and as the price of cigarettes rise and the health risks become more clear, more and more people are moving towards smoking alternatives. The e-cigarette, or e-cig, movement has been gaining steam over the last five years, giving smokers a safer way to get their nicotine fix, by limiting the toxic chemicals that enter the body and eliminating the danger of second-hand smoke. American Pure Vapor is pleased to announce that they are now offering a free oil program for customers of their outstanding custom creations product line.

The critical component of any e-cig is the oil that the smoker vaporizes. Users spent countless hours finding the perfect blend and a taste that they love, which has created a booming business for “vape” stores all over the country. American Pure Vapor has quickly become a highly sought after brand, with their unique flavor combinations and low prices.

The new everyday special available at gives customers a free bottle of their favorite custom creation oil, when they buy four bottles at the regular price. Standout combinations like the Banana Berry Bomb, Dragon’s Blood and The Yummy are just some of the many flavors that customers will find are a part of the sale program. Each 10ml bottle sells for only $5.95 and range in nicotine content from 6 mg low nicotine, to 24 mg high nicotine. To make their products even more affordable, American Pure Vapor also offers free shipping on any domestic order over $50.

American Pure Vapor is looking to change the way that Americans purchase their e-cig vapors by offering a wider selection of flavors and a higher quality product than is available at most other online or traditional retailers. With their commitments to innovation and exceptional customer service, there is no doubt American Pure Vapor will continue to be a market leader.