New Age Training Offers Patient Care Specialist Program

New Age Training is pleased to announce they offer a Patient Care Specialist program to give students the ability to work in the medical field. This independent educational institution takes pride in offering students medical career options that require less schooling and provide a valuable future.

The Patient Care Specialist program is designed to prepare individuals for work as a nurse’s aide, dialysis technician, entry-level nurse and other lucrative career options in a nursing home or hospital. The course load includes classes that prepare these students for working in the medical field, including training in OSHA regulations, infection control, medical terminology, phlebotomy, patient safety, dialysis, patient relations and more. Upon completion of the program, individuals will be experienced in checking vital signs, general first aid, CPR, lab procedures, phlebotomy tasks, EKGs and more. Students will also be prepared for taking the LPN exam, including the basic math & science and basic English & writing portions.

Unlike many other similar programs available through other educational institutions, the Patient Care Specialist program at New Age Training will train students through a variety of methods. Lectures are just one way in which students will learn about these procedures. They will also complete practical experience at a medical lab and will even build real-life experiences at an off-campus medical facility. This program prepares students for the CNA NYS board exam, NHA certification exams, CPR exam and LPN entrance exam. Students also receive a guaranteed externship in a nursing home and lifetime job placement assistance.

Anyone who would like to learn about the Patient Care Specialist program can find out more by visiting the New Age Training website or by calling 1-212-947-7940.

About New Age Training: New Age Training is an independent educational institution that specializes in training individuals for work in the medical field. The school strives to provide individuals with more than the knowledge required for these careers; they also offer practical experience to give individuals the options to get started in the field immediately upon graduation.

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