(Sacramento, Ca) Aug 21, 2014 – A diverse culture of community players, business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs from the Sacramento region will gather next week to explore ideas and collaborate to build a socially-conscious and thriving Sacramento region with business adviser and Social Mission Master Laura Hansen, on Tues, Aug. 21, from 6:30pm-8:30pm, at Capsity coworking space located at 2572 21st street in Sacramento.

Featuring Internationally recognized ICA facilitator Heidi Kolbe, this gathering will bring leaders and dedicated citizens together around a vision that will shape our individual plans and actions toward a better future.  Participants are invited to bring ideas to the table and will have the opportunity to network among powerful community players and change advocates from various backgrounds. This event is a great opportunity to bring social responsibility to a new level and is geared toward those who wish to make a real difference in the community.

“Every community needs a joyful heart that beats for social mission.  A forum where no agenda other than being clear about what matters to each of us and what matters to all of us. Yes, building a city where a significant percentage of the population is engaged can be complicated.  I believe building the best possible future is worth changing for,” founder and leader Laura Hansen explained.  

Social Mission Central is a newly formed and evolving community surrounding ideas and causes that benefit the community and humanity as a whole. At a local level, the Sacramento based group aims to bring change to life by increasing the number of social mission-driven businesses and strengthen the philanthropy circuit in the area.

Ongoing monthly gatherings are held at various entrepreneurial minded creative workspaces and facilities, where founder Laura Hansen facilitates alongside a business leader or entrepreneur from the community, a social mission doorway partner, or a series of individuals who work with participants in thought provoking discussions and playful activities that enable action and community transformation.

There is no fee to attend this event. However, a suggested donation of $10 will help defray the costs associated with appetizers, administration, production and facilitation of the meetup.  

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Laura Hansen is a Sacramento native, and president of GoldVision, LLC, a mindfulness education company. As a best-selling author, lifelong volunteer, business adviser and leadership coach, Laura has dedicated her life to understanding and facilitating the creative process in personal, civic, and professional business life. Inquiries may be directed to: or 916-265-0203.

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