NORML Pushes For A Greener Maryland


  New Voter Education Project Launched via Social Media and Web

  • NORML launched a new lobbyist education project

  • The project will focus on promoting legalization efforts amongst Maryland State officials

  • There is no greater player than NORML in the efforts to promote such reform to date

  • The Maryland NORML chapter presents a core group of national spokespersons ready to interact with the public and media

  • The Maryland NORML chapter invites supporters to attend the legislative session on 4/23/15

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  • “We at the NORML believe that Maryland politicians hold a unique opportunity in their hands. As government officials, they have a direct impact on the daily lives of the constituents they serve. The fate of Maryland marijuana reform ultimately falls to them and those who elected them into office.” Tommy Chong

  • “Nearly 4,000 people are incarcerated in the Baltimore jail system on any given day. About nine out of 10 of them are pretrial, meaning that they have yet to be convicted of the offense for which they are being held and are still legally innocent.  About a third of people are accused of violent offenses and 28 percent are incarcerated for drug offenses. Another 765 people are held on other nonviolent offenses. Additionally, about 500 people are incarcerated for a violation of probation; this number has been increasing over the last five years.” 2010 Justice Policy Institute Report

  • "Penalties against drug use should not be more damaging to an individual than use of the drug itself. Nowhere is this more clear than in the laws against possession of marijuana in private for personal use." President Jimmy Carter