The New Harmonizer Water Product Defies Mainstream Science

Apr. 4, 2014 - FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- The Harmonizer is an attachment that connects to a home, farm or industrial water supply line to improve water performance in unique ways.  The new Harmonizer cartridge is the creation of Greenfield Naturals. The Company is located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and manufactures an energized water product for home, pool, farm and industry applications.

Gary Greenfield, originally created the Harmonizer to be an attachment to the exterior of any water supply line. His primary goal was to create a product that would contribute to elimination of hard water deposits and unpleasant odors. Having accomplished his original purpose, he continued his research to develop a more advanced and eco-friendly product based on the maxim, ‘Minimum Input with Maximum Output’.

Gary’s next research project led him to work on improving pool water. After having tweaked the 100% natural contents of the Harmonizer as well as its design, this is what Gary’s first pool customer had to say, “After setting the Harmonizer in the skimmer, chlorine use was cut in half, pump pressure was reduced, weekly backwashing ceased for the entire season, slime on tile disappeared and the yellow staining on the steps is now gone. It’s a miracle and I have never experienced anything like this with any product.”

Gary has been working on development of the Harmonizer for the past six years and recently had this to say about his product, “I’m continually amazed at how the natural contents of the Harmonizer improve water in so many ways without the need for chemicals, electricity, magnets or filters”. During his research, Gary also noted that the energies emanating from the Harmonizer were being picked up by electricity as it flowed by the cartridge and he now encourages customers to set a Harmonizer next to the electric breaker panel. He stated that the results have been simply astounding with the typical customer response being, “I am sleeping better and wake up feeling more energized.”

Gary knows he has created a product that most people have a hard time understanding because it’s not based on mainstream scientific principles that govern the development of most products on the market today. Gary’s product is definitely unique and he even promises that the Harmonizer will work perpetually with no need for maintenance of any kind, ever. Now that’s a tall order to fill and only time will be the true test of that claim.

The Harmonizer is not available in stores and at present can only be purchased from Greenfield Naturals. The unit retails for $250.00 but Gary is presently offering discounts on all purchases. Gary can be reached at 888-249-6647 or via email at