Distressed and foreclosed is synonymous with growth!

The American housing crisis – About 4 million foreclosed properties, are listed in just about every neighborhood across America. While these figures indicate an extraordinary collapse of the property, some investors see gold even in this crisis. Well, how can a distressed, foreclosed property be a source of money for you?

What others view as a crisis, real estate investors see as a golden opportunity. As bankers and money lenders are keen on recovering their loan amount and not hanging onto the the property.   They sell these foreclosed properties at deeply discounted prices, almost 40-50% lower than other properties in the vicinity. Thus, investors view foreclosed property investment as a bargain investment. Cash-rich investors buy these foreclosed properties at discounted prices, rehabilitate them and then re-sell the same property  on the market at the current market prices. Buy/fix/sell and buy/fix/rent is thus, a popular strategy in foreclosed property investment. Smart investors therefore, see foreclosed properties as a lucrative investment.

If you are also interested in entering  real estate investing in the state of Texas, then this is your chance. You can purchase  investment homes at heavily discounted prices in Texas, undertake rehab and repair works and then sell the beautified property at the prevailing market prices. Thus, making quick profits! Even if you do not wish to sell it and want to hold it till the market prices  soar  even higher, you can opt to convert it to a  rental. You can rent out the rehabilitated property to a prospective tenant. In this way, you are not only assured of significant monthly returns, but also of capital returns when the housing  prices rise. What’s more, you also improve your credit status.

But, how do you go about this “promising” investment? If you are a novice to this trade, the knowledgeable, experienced and expert real estate wholesalers come to your aid. These wholesalers work with the motto of providing knowledge, opportunities and resources to real estate investors interested in foreclosed property investment. These real estate wholesalers have a team of licensed real estate agents, who receive in-depth training to serve the clients better.

Once you hire their services, they provide assistance from  the beginning till the end. Primarily, you need to acquire Texas investment properties  in tandem with your investment goals, expectations, needs and limitations. These agents lead you to the right property. The net step is the financing. As foreclosed properties are often sold on a “cash on sale” basis, you must have your finances ready. Even if you are not one of the cash-rich investors, the real estate agents help you with other financial solutions like private money, conventional financing and the like. The next step is to undertake the rehab and repairs works. Don’t be disheartened if you are clueless about this process. Once again, the agent  will introduce you to reliable contractors and labourers, who can undertake the work efficiently. Finally, the real estate agent also assists you in your hunt for a prospective buyer or tenant.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy the fruits of foreclosed property investment, hold the hand of an experienced real estate wholesaler.  

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