Notebooks for Typography Enthusiasts from Fabriano Boutique

Plain, italic, light, bold, large, small: the secrets of typefaces are revealed in an engaging new line of Typography notebooks, conceived for Fabriano boutique by Rome-based graphic designer Silvana Amato. The range of ruled, squared and plain paged notebooks explores typography and typefaces through the work of internationally renowned illustrator and New York Times collaborator Steven Guarnaccia.

The collection comprises six books in two sizes: three are 16x10.5 cm and three are 21x14cm. The smaller ones are dedicated to three of the most famous and popular typefaces: Helvetica, Times and Garamond, familiar fonts that are often associated with books, newspapers, magazines, invitations and advertising. The Fabriano boutique notebooks tell their story: when they were conceived, who designed them and how they became famous.

The larger notebooks are dedicated to the way typefaces are adapted to make them distinctive and suitable for different needs: Serif or Sans Serif: this notebook explores those little strokes that complete letters at the top and bottom, and which in simpler Sans Serif typefaces are notable by their absence. Plain and Italic: this one is about the characteristics that reflect handwriting styles rooted in the 15th and 16th century Italic engravings of Francesco Griffo for the printer and publisher Aldus Manutius. Body Type: investigates the sizing of typefaces - the X-height or point sizes that hark back to the block on which the metal characters sat in the early days of printing.

The covers are printed on Fedrigoni Materica paper in six different colors: Terra Rossa, Acqua, Clay, Verdigris, Kraft and Pitch, while the interiors are printed on Fabriano Bioprima paper. Materica is made with cotton fibres for a smooth surface, with recycled fibres and pure cellulose fibres that give volume and durability. The forests that produce the fibres are FSC certified. Bioprima Book is made from 100% T.C.F. (Total Chlorine Free), FSC certified cellulose and conforms to ISO 9706 (Long Life). It is acid free and without bleaching agents, making it guaranteed long lasting.

The notebooks are available in the UK from Fabriano Boutique at 21 Neal Street, London WC2H 9PU and online at

Fabriano has been manufacturing paper since 1264 and over the centuries has become a byword for high-quality paper amongst artists, publishers and writers. Fabriano Boutique was established in 2000 as an authentic workshop specializing in the design of product lines for the office, school and home that merge high-quality materials with modern and sophisticated design.

Fabriano Boutique is a trademark of Fedrigoni Spa, which owns the entire Fabriano line. Fedrigoni produces in Italy and exports worldwide. Its stationery and papers are synonymous with tradition and prestige, the result of the craftsmanship of paper masters combined with the creativity of great designers.