Laurie Sarah Designs: Spectacular handmade jewelry to brighten up your life

A unique, custom designed piece of jewelry adds beauty, style and class to the look of an individual, especially women. We use jewelry for different purposes in our lives. With the advancement in technology and tools, jewelry designing and making have come easy and more efficient. But the creativity and uniqueness of the handmade jewelry pieces is beyond the description of word. Only a few breeds of such jewelers who make things with their hands as tiny works of art are alive across the globe. Laurie and Sarah are among those very few jewelers who help clients to bring their custom jewelry designs to life. This husband and wife team is the owner of the Laurie Sarah Designs which offers spectacular handmade jewelry at attractive price to their customers.


Laurie Sarah Designs specializes in all types of diamond, gems and colored stone jewelry and can make any dream jewelry piece a reality. Their handmade diamond rings, colored stone rings, wedding bands, necklaces and others are highly popular among their clients which includes celebrities ranging from actors, musicians to sport personalities. They bring in together an experience of over 55 years which is clearly reflected in the unique and beautiful designs created by them. Every simple piece of jewelry is distinct and better from the others. Their custom jewelry is a true art produced from the beginning to the end for the customer. They can create anything from simple to ornate to satisfy the desire and budget of the customers.


Being a couple they understand the importance of the wedding rings and specialize in elegant and beautiful colored wedding ring sets. The wedding rings designed by them are true symbol of love and commitment. They work with different kinds of metals and stones like gold, silver, platinum, white gold, gens and colored stones. They can customize an existing design, exchange a stone in a setting or customize a piece directly from the scratch to meet the specific desire of the customer.


The colored stone engagement rings designed and created by them are known to strengthen the bond of love between any couple. Their customized jewelry comes in different levels and price ranges. The design beautiful styles like double halo, twisted shark, three stone, fish hook, Victorian style and many more. They can create any imaginable designs with perfection. Their jewelry pieces are one of their kinds. One cannot find such beautifully hand crafted pieces with any other designer.


Whether you are looking for luxury diamond wedding bands or a simple jewelry gift for your beloved partner, you can find it all at Laurie Sarah Designs. For further information, please refer to their website