Today is the first day of Summer. Local writer will talk on the topics of nature and U.S. National parks.


In honor of the U.S. National Park Service turning 100 years old this year, Wyoming writer Gayle Irwin will be speaking about National Parks, hoping to inspire and educate families on these topics.

The presentation will be hosted at The National Bighorn Sheep Interpretive Center in Dubois.

With today being the first day of summer, this event sounds like a great way to start the season! The writer's presentation will begin at the Dubois center starting at 5p.m. this Monday evening.

In a brief interview with Gayle, she stated, "I treasure America's public lands, especially the National Parks, it is my hope to educate and inspire families on the topics of nature and the richness of our parks."

So, if history and America's attractions interest you, this wouldn't be a bad event to see.

 The writer has many awards and credits to her work, towards animals, life, and family in general.  With cherished experiences along the way, Gayle said, "it's all worth the much given effort to see my readers faces light up when I can touch their hearts through one of my presentations or books."

 For those who have never been to the Big Horn Sheep Center in Dubois, it wouldn't be a bad idea to maybe check it out as well.

With it being the first day of Summer, the events in and around Fremont County have definitely gone into full effect.