A perfect companion for traveling, Airwheel E3 intelligent backpack folding electric bike, comes out

The conception of intelligent traveling is not new anymore for this industry. But a question is that how to connect intelligent equipment with daily life in a more suitable way? Few manufactures could do it well in this point. Airwheel, the intelligent vehicles giant in the world, launched a backpack e bike called E3 which is a result of brainstorm. It integrates portability into rational design and it stays more close to the majority’s life.

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Intelligence doesn’t mean a profound science and technology that folks cannot understand. Traditional things have shortages in some occasions but when they are endowed with some ingenious design, they will have something intelligence. Airwheel works on users’ experience and tries to use E3 folding e bike to satisfy users who are eager to portable traveling life.

The most amazing part shall be the quick multiple folding system of E3 smart electric folding bike. From the pictures of E3 electric folding bike, we can see it is equal to a backpack in terms of size. Lifting it to upstairs and downstairs, parking it at a corner of somewhere or putting inside your backpack will be the most natural daily behaviors. Each idea about city daily commuting, exercises and traveling will be real with Airwheel E3.

Before sitting on the best electric folding bicycle, users should adjust the height of operating rod. E3 backpack e bike selects the imported lithium battery which can ensure sufficient power supply. The battery management system (BMS) manages a rechargeable battery, prevents the battery from operating outside its Safe Operating Area, monitors its state, calculates secondary data, and reports that data, controls its environment, authenticating it and / or balancing it.

The 8-inch customized tires and the separated seat with left and right parts also make contributions for its portability of E3. The rubber seat with the two separate parts design has a more balanced force and keeps good ventilation so riders will feel extremely comfortable.

All in all, Airwheel E3 is a perfect companion for your traveling or daily commuting.

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