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Riverside, 05/07/2014 – Affordable used cars in Riverside are a dime a dozen. But buying used cars is always a bit of a gamble. At the least, one needs a car to get for A to B. But will any used car do? Is it really in mint condition? Are there hidden costs? Is finance going to be a hassle? What if one needs to trade in a car or sell it? Will the rate of sale be fair? Is the car safe? Really?

If you are a Riverside resident, then Hertz car sales, is the right answer to all of these questions. Individual needs are as varied as they are unique. Especially when it comes to transport, the distance that is to be travelled, the demographic of the individual, marital or commitment status are all key considerations in choosing the right car. What is needed therefore are options. So when looking for used car dealers Riverside, one is bound to come across Hertz Car Sales, simply for its range of options in used cars, all of which are Hertz certified.

Why Hertz certified? Because it is only logical that one buys a car from a known owner who is responsible, rather than an unknown one. Hertz is the industry leader in car rentals and voted Best Overall Car Rental Company in Zagat's 2013/2014 U.S. Car Rental Survey. In other words, it has a penchant for well-maintained cars.They are serviced regularly by professionals, regularly inspected and always on par with the manufacturer’s safety standards. A hertz certification in itself takes care of responsible prior ownership, maintenance and safety aspects of the used car you wish to buy. That’s three points ticked green on the checklist.

When it comes to used car dealerships Riverside, Hertz is on top of the game. It provides great incentive offers for trade-ins and also gives prospective customers an honest, professional trade-in evaluation. What’s more is that on every purchase of a Hertz vehicle, the customer gets a free standard weekly rental. Now that’s a deal to look forward to.

With financing options that are flexible enough to be tailor made for every budget, and pre-used cars almost as good as new, one is bound to get more car per dollar paid. Simply put, it’s a !

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Hertz Car Sales is a premier used car sales dealership in Riverside that caters to every possible used-car need and fits into every pocket. Great value for money, easy financing and some of the best trade in offers make this an obvious company of choice.

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