FP International delivers savings on ship-from-store and return-to-manufacturer for retailers

FREMONT, Calif. – An award-winning manufacturer of innovative, protective packaging products and packaging systems, FP International delivers a unique approach to packaging that offers the perfect solution for any retailer looking to implement/expand a ship-from-store/return-to-manufacturer program. FP International’s systems approach has been proven to reduce freight costs, increase speed of delivery and offer retailers the advantage of shipping products from any one of their stores directly to their customers.

One of FP’s most innovative products, the MINI PAK’R® is the only packing solution designed specifically for ship-from-store and return-to-manufacturer programs. With its compact size and weight, this powerful mini packing machine can fit into any busy retail setting where every square foot counts. Providing numerous film configurations, the packer has the ability to pick and choose between void fill, protective wrapping, corner protection, cushioning, or block and brace solutions. Because the MINI PAK’R inflates the film on site, it eliminates the need to stock prefilled bubble, loose fill product or large amounts of paper.

FP International is at the forefront of omnichannel packaging solutions, and industry leaders are taking notice. For four years, FP International has served the needs of America’s largest specialty toy retailer by providing protective packaging systems at the store and warehouse levels. Throughout the partnership, the retailer has experienced robust growth of its ecommerce business and FP was able to provide total omnichannel packaging solutions that fit this retailer’s 800 store locations and warehouse network.

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About FP International

Based in Fremont, California, FP International is a global manufacturer of innovative, protective packaging products and systems focused on eco-friendly packaging. 

Our best-in-class products include inflatable air cushions made on site that are sustainable and environmentally friendly for every type of protective “in-the-box” packaging. All of FP International’s air cushion packaging systems create a smaller carbon footprint and are cost efficient for our customers. We also design and install custom air cushion dispensing storage systems for large shipping distribution centers.

FP International has manufacturing and warehouse facilities throughout North America and Europe with sales offices in Asia and Australia.  For more information, visit and, or call 800-888-3725.

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