Whole Food Supplements for Kids Who Are Sickly

When it comes to your child, they will get sick. Colds, fevers, chicken pox, and other diseases are a staple of life, but if your child is getting them frequently, that may be a problem. However, that does not mean that your child is sick, it may just mean that they aren’t getting the proper nutrition for a healthy immune system. You may not be giving them the best foods, maybe due to the fact that they are expensive or your child is picky, but there are great whole foods supplements for kids that can take care of that problem and get your child’s immune system up and running at full steam.

Vitamin D is a great booster for immune system levels. While it’s known to helping develop strong bones, which can mean that physical injuries can be lessened, it can also help with the immune system as well. Drinking milk or getting sunlight is a great way to get vitamin D, but if that’s not enough for your child, giving them a supplement can help to get those levels to where they need to be and make them healthy once again.

Vitamin A helps with immune system protection as well. White blood cells are needed to combat diseases, and vitamin A can help boost their performance in order for them to take out the deadliest of diseases. It’s found in vegetables, which can mean that your child is not getting enough because they are picky. Thankfully, you can make sure that your child is healthy by giving them plenty of vitamin A supplements. By doing this, they can get over that cold or fever much faster, as their blood cells will be unstoppable and will knock that disease out in one swing.

There is also strength in numbers, so you need a vitamin that will produce more white blood cells. Luckily, vitamin C is there to help you out. It helps produce white blood cells and keeps the integrity of them, so having a recommended amount of vitamin C in your system is essential. Your child can get them through fruits, so unless they hate juice, they should have vitamin C. But if you need that one boost to get their immune system started, vitamin C supplements may help to cover for your child by giving them the nutrition that they need.

Your child may be getting sick all of the time, and if your doctor says it’s because of a weak immune system, your child may need supplements and vitamins to get it going again. There are good whole food supplements for kids for that, and Encompass Nutrients has you covered. They have a supplement that has all the essentials for kids, and their site will provide valuable information on vitamins that they need as well as vitamins that their supplement has. They also have products for adults as well in case if you get sick on the job.