Upward Motion Personal Training Serves Up Fitness Product “The Grid” Revolutionary Foam Roller


Fitness products are great accessories for improving fitness and helping workouts. Upward Motion Personal Training is very happy to include The Grid, as part of the line-up of fitness products it is able to offer to its clients. Here’s the breakdown of information about fitness product “The Grid”:

The Grid: Revolutionary Foam Roller

  • “Green technology

  • Constructed with less foam than traditional foam rollers

  • Designed to withstand constant, heavy and repeated use without breaking down

  • Built with EVA foam

  • Unique design allows for targeted massage

  • Low & Flat: Feels like the forearm or palm

  • High & Firm: Feels like the finger tips

  • Medium and Tubular: Feels like the fingers and thumb

  • Distrodensity allows for more realistic massage experience

  • Core body workout versatility

  • Use “The Grid” to achieve a comprehensive core body workout

  • From crunches to bicycles to pushups


  • From crunches to bicycles to pushups - use it to challenge core muscles

  • Incorporate it into daily workout routines

  • Compact; travel with it and workout anywhere

  • The Grid is designed for athletes and people of all types of massage needs – Long distance runners, endurance athletes, major league sports players, soccer moms and yoga enthusiasts

  • The Grid comes with a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects


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