Quality Cosmetic and General Dentistry Services from Church Road Dental & Cosmetics

Church Road Dental & Cosmetics, one of the leading dental practices in Greater Manchester, offers quality cosmetic and general dentistry services to help patients achieve a beautiful smile.

[CHEADLE, GREATER MANCHESTER, July 1, 2014]—Church Road Dental & Cosmetics, a leading dental practice in Greater Manchester, prides itself in offering quality general and cosmetic dental services. The clinic provides a variety of treatments that help patients achieve a beautiful smile, including porcelain dental veneers, dental crowns, white fillings, teeth whitening, and cosmetic bonding. The centre offers general dentistry services as well, such as decay detection, dentures, sedation, gum disease treatments, and root canal procedures.

Highly Trained Dental Staff

Church Road Dental & Cosmetics consists of a team of reliable dentists, dental nurses, and dental therapists. Using the latest technology and implementing state-of-the art dentistry techniques, the team works with every patient to provide services that meet their unique dental needs. Their dental practitioners provide advice as well to help clients determine the best procedures for them.

Teeth Whitening Treatments at Half Prices Every Friday

Church Road Dental & Cosmetics is committed to providing affordable dental services in the Greater Manchester area. In line with this effort, the clinic offers all of its four robust teeth whitening treatments at half prices every Friday. Patients can choose from in-chair treatments and home-based treatments. In-chair treatments include Evolution whitening, Zoom laser whitening, and Zoom combination whitening. The practice’s home whitening treatment, on the other hand, comes with a handy kit.

Free 30 Minute Cosmetic Consultation

At Church Road Dental & Cosmetics, patients can benefit from a free 30-minute consultation. The consultation includes a free pre-assessment questionnaire to evaluate patients’ needs. It consists of a free photographic tour of the inside of the mouth and an in-depth extensive discussion with dentists about clients’ dental needs. The practice provides a written estimate of the available options as well, complete with information about the costs and details of each procedure.

About Church Road Dental & Cosmetics

Church Road Dental & Cosmetics is one of the leading dental practices in Greater Manchester. With over 30 years of dental experience, the clinic prides itself in providing high quality cosmetic and general dentistry services, including dental crowns, porcelain dental veneers, teeth whitening procedures, decay detection, sedation, and gum disease treatments. Their team uses advanced dental technologies and the latest techniques, and works with every patient to determine the best possible procedure for them.

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