Reel Change Georgia Video Competition Winners

ATLANTA, GA – The Governor’s Office for Children and Families is pleased to announce that more than 200 youth across Georgia participated in the first Reel Change Georgia video competition. Primarily the competition was a celebration of the 86% of Georgia youth that choose not to drink (2011-2012 Georgia Student Health Survey) and it provided youth with the opportunity to tell why in a format they could share with their peers. The competition sought to get both children and parents involved in preventing underage drinking and also to educate youth on goal setting and how underage drinking may hinder them from achieving those goals.

12-18 year olds were given the opportunity to create and submit a 30 second video telling why they choose not to drink. The five winning videos were then selected from a total of 227 entries by a panel of judges from the Governor’s Office for Children and Families. Along with other prizes, the Grand Prize winning videos were aired on the television stations below and in statewide movie theatres as a sponsored Public Service Announcement!

The Grand Prize winners were Craig Douglas from Jackson County Comprehensive High School and Brooke Johnson and Alexx Sewell from East Jackson High School. The Second Place Winner was Michael Crocker from Harrison High School. Mariana Latimer from Gainesville High School was the Third Place Winner and Melvin Dixon from Coahulla Creek High School was the fourth place winner.

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