Chris Heavens Discusses Dog Bite Injuries

Victims of dog bites know how frightening an attack can be. For those that have suffered through a dog attack, a quiet run in the country, a chance meeting with a new dog in the neighborhood, or even visiting a friend with a new pet may never be the same. Dog bites have resulted in severe injuries, post-traumatic stress, and in some cases, death. Because attacks are usually unexpected, many do not know how to respond, especially where legal matters are concerned. Chris Heavens, a personal injury attorney in West Virginia at , offers advice when confronting dog bite injuries.

According to Heavens, the first response when injured is to seek medical help. Secondly, identify the animal’s owner. The West Virginia personal injury lawyer at explains that the pet owner’s liability varies by state, but states usually maintain one of two policies regarding unprovoked dog attacks. Some states mandate strict liability, in which the owner is held legally responsible for the attack, while others have a “one free bite” policy.

Chris Heavens provides a free initial online consultation to determine if the client should take legal action. Furthermore, the well-known West Virginia personal injury attorney at will work on a contingency fee basis, only collecting fees if money is awarded in the case. For dog bite injuries, Chris Heavens consistently delivers affordable, expert legal advice for clients in West Virginia.

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