Portable Grinders ….A Look Into Mechanical Technology

Many finest mechanical inventions have a unique story.
An inventor who’s a specialist in engineering field, was always asked by his neighbor’s garage to realize, from its own conventional  machines. Thus the cost and time of the repairing were efficiently reduced in comparison to ordinary grinding centers.

Finally in 1992, the inventor created a new technology for repairing and carrying an initial utility model which became the subject of a patent for an invention entitled “transportable device to correct engine cylinder heads”, dated June 25, 1993
In 90’s, the inventor started realization of a first prototype of the portable grinder breech and in 1994, a prototype more elaborate.

The profits of the portable cylinder head resurfacing machine, compared to the conventional one are:
• 40% lesser cost of maintenance
• 90% reduction in weights and dimensions
• 70% reduced implementation
• 60% reduced maintenance
• 100% portable
• 70% reduction in complexity intervention
• 90% lesser level of initial training
• 70% reduction in time intervention
• 99% reduction in deadline waiting

The concept’s innovation depends on the changing mindsets about the subject ofmechanical fabrication. Till date conventional procedures required bringing the parts needing a machine finish to a the machinist center to be repaired. The bulky materials are replaced by adaptable, mobile machines and therefore allowing more significance.

The system to repair requires an important investment cost both for the final client and for the person who repairs it. Indeed, the cost of getting additional charges in shaping high to maintain. The client and the provider have to assume these costs, but also sometimes costs paid by insurance companies.

In case of emergency, damage type of a merchant ship in the middle of the ocean, the solutions are even more expensive to reflect.
The project of portable cylinder provides immediate solutions to these the macro-markets. With a proper marketing, it is obvious to answer the specific needs of each target.
In 2004, finally the idea of the commercialization of cylinder actually happened.  it’s observable in some countries, a return to traditional engines due to extremity in climatic conditions.
The project is now ready to get into phase of commercialization.

Replace the heavy equipment, tool machine and bulky ones by mobile machines, flexible and very efficient.

The concept’s newness resides in changing mindsets. The traditional procedure requires bringing the motor to a repairing center for the work done. The heavy, bulky materials are replaced by mobile machines and hence making them more efficient.
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