Introducing a 12 Training Modules Entrepreneurship Startup Series

101 Business Insights is set to unveil a ground breaking Entrepreneurship Startup Series comprising 12 comprehensive training modules tailored to place upcoming entrepreneurs into the straight path of success. The modules are grouped into 5 sections that build up the entire concept in strategic steps from understanding oneself to becoming an accomplished entrepreneur, having a running business startup. 101 Business Insight Team says, “We help people solve business problems through a synthesis of insights across multiple disciplines.”

The first two modules cover the section of fundamentals of business strategy, digging deep into the evolution of workforce and the application of internet in contemporary business management. The second module poses and tackles the question, “Am I an entrepreneur?”

The next section handles business design in three inclusive modules. The first analyzes the business idea, workforce team and customers. The second module is concerned with intricacies of building a business model. The third module of this section, which is the fifth module overall, deals with understanding the business ecosystem and designing a workable business plan. It closes the section with how to run a successful fundraiser for the business startup.

The third section analyzes the business set up in two modules that deals with physical constructs and virtual presence. This tackles the challenges of setting up a bricks and motor outfit or a virtual venture.

The series then moves into engagement, handling branding, communication and sales in the eighth module of the entire set and building relationships and social media, completing the fourth section.

Section five is the final one comprising three modules. The section offers in depth insight in measuring performance and addressing problems, training, research and innovation and, finally, business advice. This ends the entire series, letting the entrepreneur free to face real life business challenges.

“When it comes to training, our team of experts leaves no gap in the knowledge content. We strongly believe that by offering complete and relevant course content, we produce accomplished trainees, capable of fitting comfortably in the service industry and delivering unquestioned quality.” says101 Business Insights representative.

About Us 101 Business Insights

101 Business Insights Team is a multidisciplinary team of dedicated business experts who provide custom business solutions to their clients worldwide. They are solely driven by vast experience and profound insights. Their solutions are distilled from team of business specialists who work together. The solutions are therefore created faster and are a lot richer and more effective.

The team working globally have their values deeply entrenched in holistic problem solving, true generosity of spirit and steadfast interconnectedness.

101 Business Insights encompasses multiple disciplinary fields including business advisory, business analytics, business tools, business support, careers development, change management, creativity & innovation, creating leverage, crowdsourcing, entrepreneurship, future ideas, internet security, knowledge, technology & culture,  leadership, marketing, NLP success coaching, performance management, personal finance & investment, sales, social media, strategy and systems thinking.

Their vision is to become the go-to online world class platform for people seeking cutting edge solutions the challenges they meet running their businesses.

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