Action Wholesale Products Introduces Boltless Shelving Options

Facilities maintaining large inventories need heavy-duty industrial shelving that lasts. From shelves in warehouses to libraries of archives, storage equipment must be able to support thousands of pounds for long periods of time. However, setting up durable shelving, with its many nuts and bolts, can cause frustration and waste valuable operating hours. Boltless shelves provide an easy solution, as reliable as they are resourceful. Known for their vast inventory of pallet racks, as featured at , Action Wholesale Products is thrilled to introduce boltless shelving options.

Action Wholesale Products is proud to offer a wide selection of Rivet System boltless shelving, as seen at , exclusively designed to seamlessly organize inventory while maximizing space. Because there are no shelf clips, nuts, or bolts needed for assembly, Action Wholesale’s boltless shelving makes setting up a storage area a snap. Each of the Rivet System’s 6 series of models feature double rivet beams at the top and bottom of the units, taking sturdiness to the next level. Action Wholesale Products also carries boltless shelves for archives as well as an impressive assortment of boltless shelving components. Along with unbeatable pricing, the shelving gurus offer free local delivery for Southern California orders over $400.

For the highest quality industrial shelving, like the premium products found at , contact the professionals at Action Wholesale Products.

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Founded in 1980, Action Wholesale Products is the preeminent online marketplace for industrial storage solutions. An Anaheim-based business, Action Wholesale Products specializes in pallet rack systems, boltless shelving options, and bulk racks at unequaled pricing, making inventory management a seamless process.

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