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Full Movie Watch Secret Life of Walter Mitty Online Sidereel, Secret Life of Walter Mitty vidxden, Download & Watch Secret Life of Walter Mitty Online Streaming & videobb blinkx, Watch The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Online Part of it is natural as the Stillers, Vince Vaughns and Owen Wilsons of the world round the corner into middle age and take their first long look at mortality. The rest is a result of that deathly unrest as it manifests in a latent desire to be taken seriously — in a way that wearing glasses alone cannot accomplish.

Perhaps not as ferocious as the windstorm, but still tricky to pull off, were scenes of Stiller skateboarding down a desolate, winding road in Iceland, since much of it was done by Stiller himself. The actor-director wore a harness that was attached to a camera arm, which itself was connected to a truck. "We had to get speed, and there were a few times they had to pull me off and I'd be hanging from the camera arm going down the hill at 40 miles per hour. It didn't feel so safe, and I'd see the skateboard go off the side of the cliff," says Stiller.

All who worked with Stiller on Mitty say he remained true to the script, which he and Conrad constantly worked on throughout production. "There was one draft before Ben came on, and dozens of versions after," says Conrad. "His hands are all over it."

"I always feel like I connect with the guy who lives in his head a lot of the time," says Stiller. "My daughter will call me out on regular occasions [when we're out with people] and say, 'My daddy's not listening to you.' "

Mitty, sporting a family-friendly PG rating, is a sizable gamble for Fox and faces an incredibly crowded Christmas. Stiller, who is tirelessly promoting the pic, says he's given up trying to count how many times he's been asked if he's a daydreamer like Walter Mitty.

Despite his vast and fertile imagination, Walter can’t even work up the nerve to ask out Cheryl (Kristen Wiig), the charming new girl in his office, and when he tries online dating just to connect with her, he admits to the customer service representative (Patton Oswalt) that he left most of the profile blank because he hasn’t done anything or been anywhere “noteworthy or mentionable.”

The avid day-dreamer mostly lives vicariously through his working relationship with globe-trotting freelance photographer Sean O’Connell (Sean Penn), who appreciates Walter’s dedication to his craft. When Life is acquired by a penny-pinching firm, though, Walter is saddled with a snarky new boss (Adam Scott) and the almost certain prospect of losing his job, especially when management tells the staff to start preparing the very last issue of the magazine (which in real life halted print publication in 2000 and was later briefly revived as a newspaper supplement).

Imagine reading a self-help digest scored to Arcade Fire and you’re already on the road with Walter Mitty, a character seeking individuation and personal transformation by essentially reiterating every single film cliché that ever was.

In Thurber’s story, that was the whole point of the somewhat pathetic exercise in selfhood: That Mitty felt purposeful only in fantasy, and relied on stock hero stories to fuel his poor imagination.

For fans who love Stiller’s audacious sense of humor, the movie’s nod to “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” will have them laughing until their guts hurt in the midst of the heartwarming story about actually living life instead of timidly letting it pass us.He and cinematographer Stuart Dryburgh bring a photojournalist’s sensibility to their glorious rendering of Walter’s country-hopping journey, and with the special effects team, they create a pavement-surfing fantasy sequence that will be the envy of many a comic-book moviemaker.

What’s with all the sincerity all of a sudden? A mere decade ago Ben Stiller and his cronies were sarcastically cackling themselves into a hot tub of irony bubbling with vulgarity, and now they’re all crying into their Man-tinis looking for the meaning of life.

Walter Mitty (Ben Stiller) is a photo archivist at Life Magazine who loves and cares for each roll of negative and contact sheet as though it were a shred of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Walter is a nobody, but he dreams of being a somebody, so when the magazine undergoes a major management change that renders him redundant, he realizes he has nothing to lose and finally steps out to meet his destiny.

His quest begins as a search for a missing negative: The prize photographer for the magazine (Sean Penn) has taken what he believes to be the best cover image for the last issue, but Walter cannot find it among the negatives.

The only thing he has is an incomplete roll of film and a cryptic message burned into a handmade wallet from the shooter. In order to decipher the note, he has to find the globe-trotting cameraman.

It’s a pretty simple setup that also features a romantic interest played by Kristen Wiig, but given the opening sequence features Walter trying to send a “wink” to a prospective online date, we can rest assured the love stuff will come second to Walter’s self-discovery. Like, I mean, you can’t truly love anyone until you love yourself, right? And no matter where you go, there you are, eh?