3 Reasons to Invest in a mulberry Preschool Franchis

Quality Matters: Mulberry defines quality interms of curriculum, pedagogy, facilities and teacher interaction. Parents also have realised that quality should be priority for any childcare centre. At Mulberry,the curriculum is focussed on teaching children to be lifelong learners. Meaning instead of directly giving answers, children are taught to ask the right questions to get the answers. This helps children in their cognitive and critical thinking.  Parents are seeking preschools that provide unique life skills that help in overall development of children. Mulberry surely ticks on this box

Growing Sector:  Since 2009, there has been consistent growth in the sector. The 17% jump indicates that more parents are enroling their kids into preschools at an early age. As a Mulberry investor/franchisee, this means the customer base is increasing.  Also the enrolment is increasing across the spectrum of programs like Playgroup, N1,N2,K1,K2. In simple terms this means as a Mulberry franchisee you would have customers for all your products/services.

Value of Investment: Preschool is the only sector where the value of your investment doesn’t depreciate. For F&B franchise or Retail franchisesectors, the equipment and inventory either depreciate or spoil or is not in fashion, however in education industry the number of students increases the premium you get if you decide to sell your preschool.  Especially with a brand like Mulberry which is already established with 6 preschools in Singapore and 2 in Australia, the brand premium attracted will be higher.