Cancer Second Opinions Offered Online For the First Time

10, August 2016: A diagnosis of Cancer can be a very scary thing. This shocking news often comes with a dizzying array of treatment options and information. Often, there are a long series of different tests that must be performed to narrow down the exact cancer type you are dealing with.

Just about all doctors will tell you that one of the most important steps in this process is getting a second opinion.

Not only does this assure that your doctor is on the right course for your treatment, it gives you an essential tool in fighting the cancer itself – Peace of Mind. A positive mental attitude has been shown to affect the possibility of a positive outcome for your treatment. Not only that, but your doctor is assured that you won't second guess his every move when you are sure that treatment is on the correct course.

Most often, you can get a referral from your primary care physician for that second opinion. This makes certain that insurance company protocols are followed and payment isn't a problem. But patients need to know that there are other options available.

A new genre of medical information has emerged online – the independent online cancer second opinion service.

This type of service offers something that a physician referral cannot – true unbiased independence.

In this social media frenzied modern world, there is a dizzying array of different cancer treatment opinions and information being touted by everyone with some agenda to push. Some have “natural” or “alternative” agendas to forward, and will recommend some pretty outlandish ideas. On the other end of the spectrum, the medical establishment has a multi-billion dollar industry to support, so there's the worry of treatment bias based on financial influence. has announced a new service that eliminates the worry of all that bias.

They state that their top-level lineup of cancer experts gives completely unbiased and independent cancer second opinions. This assures that the patient gets the best course of action for their treatment, and can have something absolutely essential to a positive outcome – Peace of Mind.

Patients can even have their cancer questions answered at no charge. You can investigate them at

You can upload your medical documents right on the site, and have a second opinion back without leaving the comfort of home. There are several different second opinion packages available as well – so you can get help no matter what your financial situation dictates. Insurance coverage of the costs is also possible.