Parkway Display Products Limited Unveiled Its Largest Collection of Acrylic Display Stands for Advertising


Hong Kong, China - Parkway Display Products Limited, a well-known China acrylic display factory that was incorporated in 2009, recently unveiled its latest collection of acrylic display stands. The owners claimed that the collection they have unveiled now is the biggest ever collection in the company’s entire industry. They also added that the varieties of brochure stands are specially designed for promotional and advertising activities and campaigns.

“We encourage everyone to buy acrylic display stands instead of renting these display stands. This is because purchasing these display boards can mean a lot of cost-saving in the long run. We sell both single frame acrylic advertising stands and multi-panel ones. The biggest reason one should choose acrylic stands instead of the wooden or the plastic ones is that these stands are arguably the most durable and the most elegant of all. Therefore, one can easily add a professional touch to a promotional activity by bringing an acrylic stand to use”, said a sales officer of Parkway Display Products.

Acrylic is a glassy thermoplastic material which the Wanchai, Hong Kong based manufacturers use in conjunction with adjustable brush aluminium dispensers to make the display stands suitable for promotional activities. The owners claimed that the transparent nature of acrylic actually helps the casual visitors to trade show booths, shopping malls, kiosks and other places where these stands are widely used to pick up the booklets or leaflets easily as they can see through the glasslike case quite easily. They emphatically added that the display stands complement the leaflets. They maintained that the acrylic stands are very effective in engaging otherwise nonchalant visitors and potential buyers.

“The world of advertising is changing with each day passing and our job is to keep with the pace. The acrylic display cases that we are offering now can be very powerful advertising tools, if used intelligently and strategically”, said the CEO and managing director of Parkway Display Products Limited. “An investment in display stands can be a wise investment in all respects as the advertisers can get enough eyeballs on their brochures and leaflets through the transparent glasslike acrylic stands”, he added.

About the Company

Parkway Display Products Limited is a Hong Kong, China based acrylic display stand manufacturer and supplier.

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