Strider Bikes Introduces Line of Balance Bikes for All Ages and All Abilities

Rapid City, SD (June 13, 2014) — Imagine a world where everyone from diaper clad toddlers to Special Olympians to active retirees knows how to balance and ride on two wheels; a world in which kids and adults can feel the freedom that many of us were lucky enough to experience growing up in the 20th century. Strider Bikes wants everyone to understand that Life’s More Fun on Two Wheels; that a glorious adventure awaits each and every individual around the world who hops on a two-wheeler.

Strider Sports Intl., Inc., the world’s premier manufacturer and marketer of children’s No-Pedal Balance Bikes, has announced two new models of its best-selling bikes for children, teenagers and adults of all abilities: The STRIDER 16 Sport™ and the STRIDER 20 Sport™.

The balance bikes responsible for teaching over a million toddlers and young children how to ride a bike will now be available in three distinct sizes: 12 inch (ages eighteen months – 5), 16 inch for 6-12 year olds and 20 inch for teenagers and adults. The all new STRIDER 16 Sport and 20 Sport models allow older kids and even adults to ride in a simple, natural way. Or, for experienced bike riders, these new models offer a lightweight and fun alternative to bikes with pedals and a safer way to hone advanced riding skills. These highly adjustable, all-terrain bikes adapt to nearly every rider size and ability, helping the rider feel safe, comfortable and confident. High quality components provide maximum safety, performance, and durability.

All STRIDER bikes promote a natural method to learn balance and riding skills. Strider’s trademark simple design, durability, functionality, lightweight, and easy adjustability are retained in each of the two new models. In addition, the new sleek 16 and 20 models feature a 4-way adjustable padded saddle, ergonomic hand lever v-brakes, removable footrests, and pneumatic tires with alloy rims and hubs. The bikes are available in five vibrant pearl finish colors: blue, red, white, green and black. The 16 model is designed and safety tested for riders weighing up to 85 kg/ 187 lbs, while the 20” model is designed and safety tested for up to 110 kg/ 242 lbs.  

 “The STRIDER 16 Sport model is a major redesign of our initial 16” model launched last year. With better components, new features, and more adjustability, we know this bike will be a hit with kids who are just learning to ride for the first time and kids who are dealing with special needs challenges, as well as those who are tearing it up at the skate parks and BMX bike parks”, says Ryan McFarland, CEO of Strider Sports International. “The 20 Sport model offers every feature of the 16 Sport, only on a larger frame appropriate for teens and adults.  We believe these new models are the perfect balance of simplicity, safety, performance, and FUN, without the weight and complication of pedals.” 

The new STRIDER 16 and STRIDER 20 models will be debuted at the 2014 Special Olympics USA Games in New Jersey June 16-19, and will be available for shipment to dealers and consumers in July.

All STRIDER bikes and accessories are available through the Strider website and at local STRIDER dealers. To learn which STRIDER is best for you, visit

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About Strider Sports International, Inc.

Strider Sports International, Inc. designs efficient, no-pedal balance bikes that encourage toddlers to ride, learn, and explore the world on two wheels. Founded by Ryan McFarland in January 2007, Strider Sports is a company full of passionate riders of dirt, mountain, street, and road bikes. The goal of Strider Sports is to simplify a bike to its essence, so that proper size, lightweight and simplicity combine to eliminate any fear of riding and instill confidence in young new riders. The patented STRIDER™ No-Pedal Bike is now distributed worldwide. To learn more and to find a retailer in your area, visit

About STRIDER™ No-Pedal Bikes

STRIDER™ balance bikes are industry-leading training bikes that help toddlers, children, teens, and adults learn to ride on two wheels. STRIDER balance bikes focus on the fundamentals of balancing, leaning, and steering without the distractions and complications of pedals or training wheels.The STRIDER’s simple, no-pedal design builds confidence and eliminates fear by allowing kids and adults to have their feet on the ground and progress at their own pace. This unique design teaches young children balance on two wheels right from the start, avoiding developmental delays typical with tricycles and training-wheel bikes.STRIDER No-Pedal Balance Bikes are scientifically proven to encourage the development of spatial awareness, balance, and basic motor skills so that people of all abilities can reach their maximum riding potential faster, better, and safer. Available at