Manage MP3 Playlists with Tags

The Free MP3 Tag Editor is a simple tool to manage the audio files. Users can tag the playlists with their favorite titles or as per the genre, music, label, artist and so on. This editor supports field mappings that are user defined. They can either remove a part of the tag or an entire tag that too from multiple MP3 files. Working with tags is extremely easy with this editor because it supports multiple tagging. Users can now keep their music collection organized and easy to find. Using the Free MP3 Tag Editor is easy. This editor is a must have tool along with a MP3 or a MP4 player.

Some of the advantages of this editor are create playlists, replace words or even characters in the filenames or tags, import tag information and export the same and many more. Music can now be played or arranged as per the users’ requirements by creating a “Favorite Playlist” which has the favorite tracks of the users. Common audio formats can now be tagged within minutes. It is as simple as attaching the song information to the soundtracks. If users want to personalize it furthermore they can do so by adding the album name, year of release, title, artist, track number and so on. Users can also clear all information on multiple music files at once. Organizing music is just a click away.

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About Free MP3 Tag Editor

The Free MP3 Tag Editor is a freeware and a tool that allows users to tag multiple MP3 Files. This tool supports Windows OS and can be used on a variety of devices.

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