Online Outlet SellUp Announces Garage Sale

Australia – January 24, 2014. SellUp, the newest second hand goods marketplace in Australia is inviting the public to use their website to turn unused personal items into cash. The website address of this company is

Through SellUp, a person can sell second hand goods without even leaving his house. This company will arrange for the pick-up of his used item and deliver it to someone who needs it. The payment for his goods will be reflected in his bank account or he may choose to have it mailed to his home.

If a person wants to buy an item advertised on the website, he can choose to pay cash on delivery or use PayPal. Either way, he gets the goods he wants and needs without ever having to leave his house.

SellUp only sells second hand items therefore a buyer will not be wading through many advertisements just to see what he’s looking for. All the items for sale are still in good condition since they are checked first before the items are offered for sale.

A person who wants to advertise his second hand items on SellUp will not be charged any fee so long as the pictures of his items will not exceed 5. And fees are only charged if their client chooses PayPal as his payment medium. Direct bank transfers can also be arranged.

About SellUp

SellUp is in essence a garage sale outlet where a person can buy the items he needs at rock bottom prices. Customers need not be concerned about buying these items because they are only selling good quality second hand items. For more information, please visit

Contact Details:

Jesse Shillito

72 McGregor Street

CA 34488

Phone: (02) 6137 7429