Best wall putty solutions from British Paints

New Delhi, 3 January 2014: British Paints, the leading paint manufacturing company of India is now dealing in some of the best quality cement putty and wall putty products apart from distempers. These products from the paint company go by the name shield exterior wall putty and acrylic wall putty. Both are superior quality putty products that have been catering to huge demands by customers across the nation. Of the two, the shield white cement based wall putty is a specially formulated wall putty product that is based on white cement blended with special fillers and additives. This product is advised to be used as putty, filler or sealer. It can be used on concrete or mortar walls as well as on ceilings in interior as well exterior parts of buildings.

A company representative who is also the official spokesperson added that, “Our shield white cement attaches on to the concrete surface and results in a smooth, bright and white coating. This paint can be topped up with different kinds of water and solvent based distemper paints that are available in various shades and attractive colours. So walls stay beautiful and as good as new for a long time. Our paint experts say that this product must be added with 40-45% water for a well mixed consistency and then it will be ready for application. Every pot of shield solution has a life of 2 to 3 hours.”

Besides some other notable features of this cement based wall putty is that it is water resistant and renders toughness to the walls as well as the paint on it. The product also contains fungicides in order to prevent fungal growth. Besides, other features of this product include it’s toughness for it is a cement based putty; and interestingly it does not need water for curing like regular cement paints. A comparative analysis also revealed that wall putty products from British Paints outperform regular POP in all respects.

“Another product that is the cement putty is one of our best acrylic wall putty for homes. It is way better than plaster of Paris in performance as it is highly durable and performs superbly for years on exterior walls, leave alone interior walls. Besides, it adds to the finish and renders superb looking walls witha beautiful paint coverage. Besides, all wall deformities like cracks, dents etc get easily covered and hide
beneath its layers” added a company representative on cement putty.

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