Well Intervention Services Market Driven by Reinforcing Existing Reserves

E&P companies are focusing on increasing the hydrocarbon reserves basket with new discoveries, resulting in continuous rise in world’s oil & gas reserves. This increase in the exploration and production activities is expanding the well intervention services market, as new fields are expected to require well intervention activities.

Remedial cementing operations are performed to repair primary cementing problems and also to treat conditions arising after wellbore cementing has been done. Remedial cementing is done either by squeeze cementing or by placing cement plugs to repair cement-related problems. This problem is common in new wells, when the cement is not properly placed during development, or when poor cementing is done. This problem is highest in newly developed areas, as the cementing is primarily done while drilling the well.

Remedial cementing is generally used to discard a non-productive or depleted zone or the entire well, to remedy a deficient primary cement job such as incomplete coverage of cement, or to seal lost-circulation zones and repair casing leaks. The two main categories of remedial cementing include squeeze cementing and the placement of cement plugs.

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Zonal Isolation Market
Zonal isolation is done to prevent the cross flow of the fluids between two or more geological layers. This is also done to reduce the water cut in production, because when the reservoir matures, there is a high probability of increased water cut from the pay zone. To decrease this loss of water being produced instead of hydrocarbon, zonal isolation is done. Zonal isolation is primarily done in wells which are already producing for a long time. Some of the applications of zonal isolation are open hole fracturing, unconventional fracturing, cement replacement and protection, annular barrier for inflow control devices, and side track window sealing.

Sand Control Market 
The presence of sand is a major barrier to well production, resulting in low production rates, sand bridging, erosion of equipment, and sand disposal and removal. Sand-control techniques are used to prevent unwanted sand formation while producing the reservoir. There are higher chances of sand intrusion in the well from the producing zone. This creates problem with the production. Hence, remedial intervention is done either by placing sand screens or by gravel packing near the perforation.

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